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Wayne Muromoto

H. E. Davey, an old friend and fellow traveler on the Way, has written a series of books pointing out the winding road that meanders up the Taoist Ways. In his books, he lays out the first steps. He is surely one of the few writers in the English language who is qualified to describe the general lay of this land. Davey Sensei has studied Japanese systems of calligraphy, yoga, healing arts, and classical martial arts for most of his life. He therefore goes beyond an academic, clinical survey of such arts, and also beyond a narrow, technique-oriented "how-to" type of book to give us the spiritual and conceptual foundations of the Do arts. Finding such a teacher, who can verbalize such concepts, is a rarity even in Japan. His books are of great service to people studying any of the Japanese arts, or anyone curious about what such study entails and offers the student.

Wayne Muromoto Sensei teaches Takeuchi Ryu jujutsu, one of Japan's most ancient martial arts. He is a direct disciple of the current headmaster of Bitchu-den Takeuchi Ryu, a form of jujutsu rarely taught outside of Japan, and he has extensive training in Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu swordsmanship, along with Urasenke tea ceremony. Mr. Muromoto is widely regarded as one of the leading American authorities on ancient Japanese martial arts and culture.