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Kawabata Terutaka

One of the most important qualities in any Japanese martial art is an elusive, but clearly discernible, "sharpness." Without this sharp, decisive, and resolute quality, our techniques degenerate into nothing more than an exhibition of stylized movement. Although Davey Shihan's aiki-jujutsu techniques are unusually flowing and exceedingly beautiful to observe, he never loses the vital and dynamic "sharpness" which lies at the heart of all budo. (Shihan is an honorific title that is similar to Professor and is used to refer to a "master instructor.") It is also essential that followers of budo apply the spiritual and philosophical lessons they learn from their martial art in their everyday lives . . . Davey Shihan has realized this and he is a true gentleman in the martial arts as well as in his daily life. Davey Shihan's aiki-jujutsu skills are powerful, intense, and effective.

Kawabata Terutaka Sensei, ninth-degree black belt and Shihan in the Tenshin Sho Jigen Ryu system of classical martial arts, lives in Yokohama. He is one of Japan's preeminent teachers of ancient martial arts and an expert swordsman.